Questlove Releases Serato 7-inch Vinyl Set [Video]

Famous drummer and DJ Questlove from the Roots has just released a dope 7×7″ vinyl set that has Serato DJ vinyl control tone on one side and sick break beats done by Questlove on the other. This colorful 7 vinyl set has all the tools you need to scratch over some of the coolest breaks by one of the best drummers in the world. The set also has the control tone for Serato which can also be used by portablists that need that 7-inch setup.

The set isn’t cheap at $179 but its definitely worth it if you can use these tools wisely. Check out the quick video below where Questlove explains the 7-vinyl set in a quick Serato DJ interview. The press release is also below and you can head on over to the Serato DJ Website to get your own set today!

7’’ Serato Pressing – ?uestlove “Sufro Breaks” (7×7 Boxset”)
7” Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ and Scratch Live DJs using Serato’s NoiseMap™ Control Tone

7’’ Serato Pressing – ?uestlove “Sufro Breaks” (7×7 Boxset”)
Note: To avoid warpage, shipping of vinyl may be slightly delayed due to high temperatures in some US states.

Bringing you the Sufro Breaks: an exclusive seven-piece collection of drum breaks by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson.
A matte black boxset contains seven single 7” records, with 7 unique drum beats.. This set has the whole spectrum covered across red, brown, blue, lemon-lime, lavender, gold and black records. With each vinyl in a color-matched sleeve.

Original artwork across all jackets, labels and box by Ian Hendrickson-Smith.


A Sides:

Record 1: Neckbones / Hamhocks
Record 2: Candid Yams
Record 3: Collards Greens / Turnips
Record 4: Smothered Snake….Rice….Smothered Steak!!!
Record 5: Grits ‘N Gravy / Honky Corn Bread
Record 6: Cracklin’ Bread
Record 7: Snap Beans…Mobile Gumbo…Buttermilk…Rutabaga

B Sides:

Serato Control Tone CV02.5 – 5:00 minutes

Vinyl is a strange old girl. The manufacturing process – one part sweat, one part maths and one part magic – is not an exact science. While every record pressed is a high quality product and will perform flawlessly, there can be some variation in the color throughout a run. Every record is unique.